Sunday, 19 February 2012

Hit the ground running.

Today was a Sunday. I was woken by the winter sun, which put me in a fantastic mood. With this in mind, I decided it would be a good day for a run.
It wasn't.
With freezing February air hitting my lungs, I struggled through 20 mins of boob bouncing, back breaking jogging until I gave up and walked, which was much more pleasant. Running can be painful for anyone. However, as I'm sure many top heavy ladies will appreciate, running-with-boobs adds to the pain ten-fold. The motivation to go for a run or do any kind of exercise, particularly in the winter, is something hard to achieve for anyone. Add a stone of weight to the front of your chest, pounding up and down on your shoulders, and you've got yourself even more of an excuse. I'm genuinely not even sure that r-w-b doesn't cause more problems than it does good.
Not to mention, I'm sure it looks ridiculous. The last thing you want when sweating and in your running gear with your t**s bouncing all over the place is perverts staring at your chest. Unfortunately, these factors seem to be the very thing that encourage more, much more, of said staring from said perverts. Unwelcome comments from aforementioned perverts are also all the more unwelcome and all the more frequent when out on a jog.
Tomorrow, I'm going to Yoga.

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