Thursday, 16 February 2012

Blog 1. Of many.

I've realised that, while experiences I've had in my past are what motivated me to start this blog, if I simply bang on about past proportional problems (nb: alliteration) I will just sound like a bitter twisted moany idiot. Which is not what I want, even though I am indeed slightly bitter and twisted about this and, as you will infer from the general tone of blogs to come, extremely moany.
With this in mind, I have decided that each day I will report on relevant experiences in order that hopefully you (the readers) will get an idea of what it's like to live the life of a BB (big boob.)
I also welcome any comments and reports from fellow big boobers, as I do also from any small/mediumsize/fake boobers who want to add their tuppence-worth.
I also want to think of a pity inducing slogan along the lines of  'Massive boobs are for life, not just for Christmas' but way more catchy, clever and monumentally more witty . So get thinking.

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